Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I am always in my body, of course,
Until I am deceased and expired.

When beside myself, I experience being
Outside my body, although not.

Even though uncomfortable and apologetic,
Actually, cues/clues to something deeper:

Some historical hurt, some triggered complex;
Be curious, pay attention, offer attunement;

Explore inner genesis of response,
Accept all hypotheses as meaningful.

Goal: consciousness within the complex:
That I am here, present, and OK.

Even when I feel beside myself and outside
And annoyed and irritated and

Judgmental of myself and others.
Pause, count to 10, recite mantra.

I am in my body always--just a fact.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) Septmber 5, 2015
Onto, Sicilia, Italia

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