Thursday, June 4, 2015


Scandi-American independence 
And do-it-myselfness: refused ride,
Waked the easy two-mile return.

During childhood, Mom admonished 
Me to pick up my feet, that she couldn't
Tell the difference between my 
And Dad's arrival up back stairs.

Scuffed toe of right shoe evidences
Continued shuffling and insufficient 
Attention to relevant elevation.

Once again, prone on pavement,
Probably stumbling on curb,
Before startlingly falling forward--
Purposefully and pridefully using 
Full curb height rather than acquiescing to
Carved-out bike and wheelchair ramps.

Sufficient time between afoot and face-down
To plan landing: NOT on palms, not on face/head;
Shoulder, edge of hand, and knee took the brunt.

Distracting pain, minimal injury--
Just a few bumps and bruised ego:
Must begin adjusting to lessening agility.

Beginnings of slow but certain downward spiral.
Still vibrant and alert, but not quite as dependable.

Ann Beth Blake
June 4, 2015

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