Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Each year, with utmost pleasure and satisfaction,
I purchase my holiday tree, then, ten days later, 
Recycle the tree to city compost, happy with the cycle.

All through the year, despite sweeping, 
Mopping, and vacuuming, tree needles turn up 
In common and unusual places, reminding me 

Of holiday joy that continues the year long;
Of things permanent and impermanent;
Of the ever-present stability of instability;

Of the ubiquitous and essential messiness of life;
Of my gifts and imperfections; of the Yin/yang symbol, 
Balancing light and dark: light dot in dark, dark dot in light;

Of the first day of Winter, heralding extension of daylight;
and, overall, of holding two sides of all continua, such as:
joy and sadness, love and hate, gain and loss, birth and death.

The toils of fall-quarter teaching preclude holiday letters.
A fortnight into the first month of the new year, my continued
Holiday glow prompts me to think fondly of my important people.

So I reach out, even as the Ides of January approaches,
To clearly and loudly express that I love and value you.
Without family and friends, I would be adrift and alone.

Because of family and friends, I thrive; I tell my truth;
I easily express the love for you burbling inside me;
I joyfully and gratefully receive your returned love.

As I enter my eighth decade to participate in the last
Chapters of my life, I am glad you are here with me.
I am glad to be companions on this wondrous journey.

As always, Peace, Joy, Equality, and Hope!
From my heart and soul to you and all of yours.

Much love,

Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 13, 2015

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