Sunday, January 18, 2015


What a game on a wintry bi-polar Seattle day,
Now gusts and gales, then sunshine and calm,
And vice versa and vice versa again and again!

Although I don't follow professional football,
I love almost anything done exceptionally well;
Quality is the standard for my enjoyment.

At half time, zero to 16 in Green Bays's favor;
Watched passively until last several moments,
When, against all odds of staying in the game,

The Hawks pulled the rabbit out of the hat;
Unfortunately, Green Bay tied the score, 22/22,
Going into weirdly-complicated over time.

Even with injuries on both sides, Green Bay's player
Limping, Hawks' Sherman hugging left arm to body,
Hawks ran the ball to touchdown in first several minutes.

Game over: Seattle Seahawks, 28, Green Bay Packers, 22.
Yay for the home team, the home ground, the 12th fans!
And, me, out on the highways before all beaks loose.

As I entered Starbucks to chronicle this sports moment,
Ultimate favorite song playing, Rhapsody in Blue,
At perfect loud-ish volume, ending a marvelous day.


Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 18, 2015

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