Thursday, December 4, 2014


Facilitative dream image:
Numerous small shit pellets, shape and size of pearls, 
suspended in transparent plastic tumbler full of champagne.
Puzzled about process of returning shit pearls 
into body--NOT wanting to re-ingest by mouth.

iPad dictionary offers illuminating descriptors:

Excrement implies completion of metabolism.
Metabolism works in two related and differing processes:
(1) Destructive metabolism: breakdown of complex substances 
and consequent production of energy and waste matter.
(2) Constructive metabolism: synthesis of nutrients that form
tissues and store energy.
Complete metabolism requires both de-struction and con-struction. 

Next, consider pearls, precious and sought-after gems, 
given and worn for special occasions, graduations and weddings;
formed when oysters solve invasive irritation by surrounding
intruding sand with pearl juice. Metaphor about transforming
a negative experience into a positive outcome; 
about an irritant's becoming soothing comfort; 
about simple sand, the essential erosion of rocks into minute particles;
sand, transmuted into vaulted beauty and admirable aesthetics.

Plastic materials: synthetic or semi-synthetic organic
solids that become malleable; usually synthetic, commonly 
from petrochemicals, but many are partially natural.

Plastic, transformation of natural substance into
mundane and durable utilitarian items; 20th Century,
contemporary version of Medieval Alchemy.

In 1700 AD, Dom Pérignon, monk cellarmaster 
at the Abbey of Hautvillers, Reims, failed to complete 
fermentation before bottling and corking the wine. 
Dormant during winter, but, when spring arrived, the contents 
of the sealed bottles resumed producing carbon dioxide. 
Later that spring, the bottles of wine in the cellar exploded.
Sampling one bottle, Dom Pérignon called to his brethren,
declaring "Come quickly! I'm drinking stars!"

Champagne, elixir of celebration, achievement, unity.
Transformation of plant bloom into gaseous liquid.
Fermentation and distillation, containment of chemicals,
Until transformed into bubbling potion with legs.
Achemical process: creating one substance from another.

All four, metabolism, pearl-creation, plastics, and 
distillation, are chemical/alchemical processes:
combination; composition; re-formation, redemption;
synthesis of theses (rhymes with feces) and antitheses.
Easily converted into alchemical transformative metaphors:
Proverbial making sows' ears into silk purses;
Mythic Phoenix's self-incineration on funereal pyre, 
Followed by arising into recycled and renewed vigor.

But this is my dream. What ramifications for my developing life?

Associating brown excrement with translucent pearls,
suggestive of reclaiming and integrating shadow images, 
both positive and negative projected characteristics;
reclaiming and transforming both poles into generative energy and vigor.
Celebratory toasting with synthetic symbols of metabolized energy
suspended in liquid presented in non-special container, 
indicative of natural, organic process; marking the event of 
past, current, and future growth and progress along 
spiral navigation toward my center, my soul.
Retuning to my body: integrating and synthesizing all
Images and symbols into my subtle body and psyche.
Utilizing inner resources, becoming whole, renewed vigor.

Hopefully (holding my breath and crossing my fingers 
while knocking on wood), harbinger of forthcoming 
growing-up, differentiation, and, dare I say, (yes, I do),

Godspeed, happy trails, and traveling mercies
To me and to each and every all of you too!

Ann B. Blake
(c) November 7, 2014

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