Friday, September 5, 2014


Grew up in iron ore mining country,
Resplendent with rust-red canyons,
Excavated by enormous steam shovels;
Deeply-etched abyss miniaturized all
Equipment from ground-level perspective.

Viewed Grand Canyon on misty winter morn,
Mirroring person-dug canyon on Minnesota's
Iron Ore Range, Western edge of Arrowhead counties.
Vowed to return to float Colorado though Grand
Canyon--intention remains on Bucket List.

In recent years, Seattle streets echo inverted
Version of canyons, as high-rise buildings
Erupt upward from the surface, contrasted with 
Downward erosion via rivers and shovels which
Slowly or quickly break Earth's carapace.

Whether up or down, similar outcome: extinguished
Sunshine, relegating all to almost-constant shadow,
Decreased temperature, and pallid complexions.
To flourish and mature, plants need both light and shade.
Hopefully, plants and people can find vital balance of 
Rays and shadow in 21st Century industrial urban canyons.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 5, 2014

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