Saturday, September 13, 2014


How could I have omited 5th P from previous 
Poems about Summer, 2014, visit to hometown?

Cherished four Ps previously chronicled:
Potica, porketta, pasty, Sammy's pizza.

Lunch at hospitable cousin's lake cabin cum home;
Toured construction updates: kitchen, shed, sauna.

Companionate cousins shared chores, interests,
Professional careers, affection, light-hearted humor;

Relationships firmly grounded in lifetime of 
Congenial family gatherings in small hometown;

Grandparents and their two daughters, each with 
Four children, close enough for regularity of connection.

Our 2014 mid-day meal started, of course, with tea and potica.
Brother prepared beans and fried thinly-sliced camp potatoes,

Complemented with Walleye Pike (5th P) recently
Caught in Canada's pristine Boundary Waters.

During cleaning of fish, cousin generously added 
Refinement to delete pesky midline bones.

After shaking filets in thin batter of flour and spices, 
Capable fry cook soon delivered delicious local fare.

Nuthin' says Home like favorite childhood foods,
Iron Range' 5 Ps, served up and duly digested.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 13, 2014

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