Thursday, September 25, 2014


Because of long, unusual
Surname, all children given
Short names, specifically
Linked to one or more relatives.

Dan, second in overall birth order, 
First-born in second family, 
First son and first maternal grandson;
Named for Irish ballad,"Danny Boy," 
And Dad's middle name, already 
Converted from grandfather's "K" to "C," 
Germanic Karl to US Carl.

Childhood nickname, Danny,
Still rings true in my inner ears.
Upon becoming verbal, moniker
Morphed into How-Come Dan,
For obvious and pertinent reasons.

Gifted in all academic areas,
Landed on chemistry to explain
Entirety of intriguing world.
Chemistry to medical research to
Computers to ballistic telemetry--
It IS Rocket Science to him.
Cleverness earned him respect
And new descriptive nickname: 
Digital Dan or, for short, Dij.

During annual Holiday Mexico trip,
Sailing pals added final "O" to all
Travelers' names, resulting in adapted
Spanish version of Hawaii 5-0's Dano. 
(Mine, Anno, less successful, due to 
Too-closely-rhyming posterior anatomy.)

Freer now in retirement, he and 
Labrador pal, Jade, wander 
North from the Southwest, 
Seeking cooler climes, elk runs,
Golf courses, fishing ponds, 
Eatable birds, dog training trials, 
Scenic sights and sites, stopping 
Frequently to visit family and friends.

Unique blend of serious intent 
And boyish mischievousness.
After years of dedicated work, 
He plays with similar vigor, 
concentration, and joy.

All in all, Dan, by any and all other names,
Is still my next-sibling, my brother, Dan.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 25, 2014

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