Friday, September 5, 2014


Usually carry soft briefcase stitched 
Into multiple pockets and sections,
Enveloping paper professional calendar 
With shipping-tape tunnels for pen and pencil,
Crammed with concert and workshop flyers,
Seminar readings and academic journal articles,
Syllabi and course assignment lists,
Checks made out for weekly appointments and 
Monthly appointments and rent payments,
Collection of inspirational quotations,
To-do lists of tasks and shopping and
Phone calls and e-mail contacts;
Larger credit-card wallet and small cell-phone wallet;
Assortment of loose pens and pencils and markers;
Deck of cards, small writing tablet, Kleenex,
Necessary but seldom used toiletries,
First-aid supplies, 1-day quantity of meds;
iPad with charger and cords and portable
Hockey-puck-shaped internet connector.
Yielding sore shoulders and tight lower back muscles.

Today, left my house less laden, with only 
Mini red-and-white canvas carrier containing
Paper calendar and small cell-phone wallet.

Of larger symbolic importance, left my
House today feeling less laden by emotions
And concerns and complexes and frets.
Back and heart and mind, lighter and freer.

Left my house less laden today.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 5, 2014

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