Friday, September 12, 2014


Not much interest, but agreed to go.
Then whiny my re most of my inner 
Group of fiends not in attendance.
Friends of a friend, but not mine.

Frustrated at first to try to connect in
Loud, crowded corridor and rooms.
Too much chaos, no name tags,
People already grouped and laughing.

Old insecurities and jealousies erupted.
Then, on own initiative, connected with 
several people, getting more comfortable
And willing to engage and converse.

Few initiated with me, which, 
Again, prompted sadness, regret.
Yet, most people, pleased and willing to
Talk when I approached and inquired.

Once in high school building, erupted in
Joy and celebration, youthful playfulness,
And appreciation to be home, home, home.
Enveloping hometown ease and good will.

More and more comfortable and extraverted.
Said hello to almost everyone I recognized.
Actually, easier to initiative conversation with
Men rather than women--old insecurities.

In spite of natural introversion, shyness,
Residual self-imposed invisibility,
All in all, feel happy and satisfied with
Interactions and experiences.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 12, 2014

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