Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Trek across West, from WA to CO
In four days. From verdant green to
Scrub-brush and tumbling weed; 
Rust-colored, wind-scored skeletal 
Cathedral spire relics; moonscape 
Tan-and-green layered pointed peaks.

Assisted packing; truck easily driven in
Two-hour rota; meals mostly from left-over
Largess in camping cooler; both of us 
Required to open/close rolling truck door to
Access first row of food and clothing supplies.

Second-story Motel 6 rooms to muffle
Others' noise. Accommodations
Good enough, but not repeatable any
Time soon. Learned from previous day
And flexible enough to incorporate each
New day's informative adventures.

Rough at end of trip as, first, I got ill, 
And then she got ill. Village of two offered
A spare as personal resources dwindled
To interdependence of capable individuals.

Working road trip through beautiful and 
Windy states; mission accomplished.
Fatigue followed by many requisite 
Hours of recuperative sleep and sleep.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 22, 2014

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