Wednesday, July 9, 2014


No place like home, for sure.
Red-eye to MPLS; after several 
hours of fitful sleep, magically,
Morning in Minnesota.

From airport, capable retiree, Doug, 
Drives van past Fort Snelling National Cemetery;
I wave and send love to Dad and Bea.
Angling northwest, along intermittently
Visible Mississipi, headwaters further north.
Other passengers: salt-of-the-earth folks,
Friendly yet reticent, too shy to initiate, 
Too polite to completely ignore one another.
Full confidence in Doug's no-nonsense,
Feet-on-the-ground, approach to transport.

Familiar business names: earliest Target,
Caribou Coffee, Mall of America;
Huge American flag signals Perkin's;
One red rose indicates Herberger's;
Radisson Hotel displays original 
Double ess Scandinavian spelling.

Medium-height forests of deciduous trees.
Good roads, due to two seasons:
Winter and subsequent Road Construction.
Blue and white license plates with 
small canoe above numbers/letters.

Prairie extends on all sides,
Vistas for miles and miles.
Small farm towns dot horizon,
Breadbasket of United States;
Grain silo in each small farm town.
Two-story stucco homes, wide
Boulevards, prominent bright flowers.

Soft sunshine in post-solstice glow.
Robin's egg blue, cloudless skies
Reflected in 10,000 lakes, 
Inviting a short or long swim,
Home to trilling loons and
Cooing Mourning doves.
Lakes and lakes and lakes.

Pleased smile as memories, images,
And sounds flood senses.
Eagerly and confidently anticipate
Experiences of next six days.

MN magic works on me: smile more easily;
Soft-muscle calmness and relaxation;
Eyes relaxed rather than alert and wary;
Breathe more deeply in crisp, fresh air.
Home again; home again; home again.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 8, 2014

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