Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Some women wear their 
Sensuousness like 
Sequined magenta gowns, 
All sparkling strut and stride,
Pulsating like a neon sign,
All "Hey, world, here I am!"

As a mystified and impressed 
Observer, these women seem 
To be about extreme attitude 
And absolute confidence, 
Willingness to be out in the open,
Embracing complete acceptance 
About whatever is unequivocally true.

From 40s, 50s, 60s Midwest,
Still searching for middle 
Ground of self-acceptance and
Visibility, I aspire to my own 
Sense-of-self, my own version of
Letting my inner light reflect outward.

In the meantime, I laud and 
Appreciate women who let their
Eminence shine brilliantly, intently,
And without self-conscious apology.

You go, woman! Roar and shine!

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 29, 2014

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