Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Twenty-year soulful ride with
Friendly companionate travelers 
On Jungian road to education,
Increased consciousness,
And community connection.

First-wave, "gang of eight,"
Paved organic foundation:
Designed and implemented
Container for personal involvement
And professional enhancement
Of like-minded practitioners.

Second-wave sustained while
Many of first-wave attended 
Jung School to become analysts.
Charter members intuitively morphed
Guidelines, formats, and offerings to
Accommodate changing topography.

Third wave of newer and younger 
Members maintained original map
While refining and updating via
Technological frontage roads
And innovative short cuts.

As 20th Anniversary loomed,
Fourth wave invested bold
Assessment and redirection.
Twentieth Celebration infused
Vibrant energy and creativity.
Opportunity for Old Guard to
Step back, confident that JPA
Is in good health, good hands,
And that well-traveled road is
Sturdy, stable, and sustainable.

To my professional family, 
Thanks for generous and 
Generative celebration of 
New day on same road.

Godspeed, Happy Trails,
And Traveling Mercies.
And deep love and gratitude.

Ann Blake
(c) May 7, 2014

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