Monday, May 12, 2014


One year, post-diagnosis,
First follow-up mammogram.
Due to continued tenderness in
External and internal surgical sites,
Mostly concerned about possibility 
Of increased squish-factor pain.

Another in long chain of wonderful
Outcomes: less than a week prior to
Mammogram, tenderness and swelling
Abated, resolved, disappeared.

This time, no waiting due to need to slow down,
Clarify, increase diligence, take a closer look,
Enhance careful screening, make certain, be sure.

Within 10 minutes, with smiles and reassuring pats,
Good news: no sign of cancer; clean bill of health.
Medicos and treatments did the job: extra cells, gone!
"See you in a year for next follow-up!"

Exhaled relief; broad grin of exhilaration; 
Jubilating spring in my step; rapid phone calls 
To relay positive results; continued celebrations.

As always, deep gratitude to The Divine, The Family,
The Team of Friends, and The Medical Folks one and all.

Ann B. Blake
(c) May 8, 2014

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