Thursday, May 29, 2014


Dr. Maya Angelou is at rest, 
Her powerful voice quieted.

Soulfully narrating her 86 years,
She also narrated the lives of everyone.

Beacon for African American women:
Gwen and her daughters and nieces,

Nikki Giovanni, Alice Walker, Opra Winfrey, 
Gayle King, Toni Morrison, bell hooks;

For women of color, all women, 
For all men, indeed for all people.

She accepted the Presidential
Medal of Freedom in the name of

All immigrants, listed by country
Of origin, encompassing all

People who were violently stolen 
Or escaped poverty and oppression.

She included all of us in her 
Words and in her loving arms,

Gave voice to every human moment,
Celebrated Clinton's inauguration.

At Seattle's Paramount Theater, 
Being in her splendid presence,

Tears streamed throughout
Her speaking, singing, and poeting.

In her radiating regalness, she spoke
Plainly and directly to each of us.

One side of the same coin:
Eloquent and accessible;

Suffering and laughing; 
Humble and courageous;

Affectionate and blunt;
Gregarious and solitary.

Maya already abides in Heaven,
Awaiting any and all who make the cut.

We lost our voice today.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) May 28, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014


One year, post-diagnosis,
First follow-up mammogram.
Due to continued tenderness in
External and internal surgical sites,
Mostly concerned about possibility 
Of increased squish-factor pain.

Another in long chain of wonderful
Outcomes: less than a week prior to
Mammogram, tenderness and swelling
Abated, resolved, disappeared.

This time, no waiting due to need to slow down,
Clarify, increase diligence, take a closer look,
Enhance careful screening, make certain, be sure.

Within 10 minutes, with smiles and reassuring pats,
Good news: no sign of cancer; clean bill of health.
Medicos and treatments did the job: extra cells, gone!
"See you in a year for next follow-up!"

Exhaled relief; broad grin of exhilaration; 
Jubilating spring in my step; rapid phone calls 
To relay positive results; continued celebrations.

As always, deep gratitude to The Divine, The Family,
The Team of Friends, and The Medical Folks one and all.

Ann B. Blake
(c) May 8, 2014


Trio of high school lads,
Jogging down city street,
Turning out for cross-country.

First lad's tightly-curled locks,
Not a strand moved as he ran,
Everything contained and ordered, 
Matching his meticulous cadence.

Second lad's medium-length, 
Slightly-curled bob, cautiously
Bouncing up and down in regulated 
Rhythmic repeat of careful steps.

Third lad's middle-of-back cascade:
Independently, joyously, randomly
Floating in front of, around, and behind
With each buoyant leap forward.

Each boy's idiosyncratic hair style
matching his characteristic running gait,
Affirming freedom of personal expression.

"Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it!"
Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical,
James Rado, Gerome Ragni, and Galt McDonald

Ann B. Blake 
(c) May 11, 2014

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Twenty-year soulful ride with
Friendly companionate travelers 
On Jungian road to education,
Increased consciousness,
And community connection.

First-wave, "gang of eight,"
Paved organic foundation:
Designed and implemented
Container for personal involvement
And professional enhancement
Of like-minded practitioners.

Second-wave sustained while
Many of first-wave attended 
Jung School to become analysts.
Charter members intuitively morphed
Guidelines, formats, and offerings to
Accommodate changing topography.

Third wave of newer and younger 
Members maintained original map
While refining and updating via
Technological frontage roads
And innovative short cuts.

As 20th Anniversary loomed,
Fourth wave invested bold
Assessment and redirection.
Twentieth Celebration infused
Vibrant energy and creativity.
Opportunity for Old Guard to
Step back, confident that JPA
Is in good health, good hands,
And that well-traveled road is
Sturdy, stable, and sustainable.

To my professional family, 
Thanks for generous and 
Generative celebration of 
New day on same road.

Godspeed, Happy Trails,
And Traveling Mercies.
And deep love and gratitude.

Ann Blake
(c) May 7, 2014