Sunday, April 27, 2014


Because both my dads had clever and 
Quirky humor, I thoroughly enjoy dry wit.
Specific interactions offer me huge pleasure,
Tickle my funny bone, and contradict my
Sometimes-waning confidence in humans.

In my 20s and 30s, I liberally sprinkled my 
Conversations with variations  of "f:" as verbs,
Adjectives, nouns, and hyphenated words.
After a particularly vitriolic, yet playful, diatribe,
One of my grad school pals wondered aloud:
"Do you eat with that mouth?"
Bent over with mirth, I didn't change right
Away, but, later, when I cleaned up my 
Vocabulary, I credited that friend's feedback.

I take the longest baths and shortest showers.
When I quickly emerged from my daily ablutions,
My hostess, looking puzzled, inquired of me:
"Did you wash ALL your parts?"

Purchasing supplies for my annual sharing of
Maunday Thursday Communion with my mentors,
I bought two righteous whole-grain dinner rolls, and 
I broke up a Sauvignon mini 6-pack to buy just one
Three-ounce bottle of red wine--enough for four
Individual servings of The Body and The Blood.
The cashier, distracted by struggling to enter sales tax 
Numbers in his recalcitrant cash machine, eventually
Looked up at me with all seriousness to offer:
"Just in case you need more, we're open 'till 8 pm."

We humans are creative, destructive, kind, demeaning,
Supportive, critical, sad, joyful, wise, ignorant. The trait
That is supremely important to me: dry, quick quips.

Ann B. Blake
(c) April 27, 2014

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