Friday, April 11, 2014


Proffered during dream state,
From unknown emissary;
Fascinating and riveting beauty,
Gracing ring finger of left hand.

Originally meant to come in 5th year 
Of long-ago, mid-30s, failed marriage.
Now re-emerges in Emerald City, adulthood home,
During year of multitudinous transitions.

Green beryl mined in southern climes,
Deepest green more valuable than diamonds.
Sacred stone of Venus' hope, faith, and love.
Earth's gift; archetypal enhancement.

Power, heightened in Spring and at full moon,
Brings comfort in troubled times; bearer of wisdom and reason;
Healer of heart and eyes; adds harmony to relationships.
Symbol of survival and of healing and of future well-being.

Puzzlement: Wherefore? and From whom?
Dazzling adornment, graciously accepted.
Recognition of inner and outer achievement.
Let go, receive; simply give thanks, praise, and gratitude.

Ann B. Blake
(c) April 11, 2011

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