Saturday, March 1, 2014


In 80s, epidemic killed gay men.
Poignant quilts: visual testimony 
Of enormous extent of loss.

Today, people infected with AIDS
Often survive for decades with
Intense cocktail of medications.

Another epidemic, breast cancer,
Usually meant death sentence after
Horrendous treatment options.

Today, medical advances, although
Invasive and tedious and frightening,
Do the job of extending our lives.

Visiting foster daughter for weekend,
One more member of that dreaded club,
Whose members do not want to join.

Night before flight, startlingly clear
Dream of extensive surgery on my
Other breast; scar mimics her incision.

Long-range treatment; success rates.
Bevy of supportive family and friends.
Heavy knees; laughter; rainbows appear.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) March 1, 2013

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