Friday, March 28, 2014


Fourteen weeks later, awaken to clarity, ending ditziness;
Three more weeks, wake up refreshed, not exhausted.
Another week, awaken to usual energy, feeling myself again.

Residual early evening fatigue, resist 3 events per day.
Ongoing soreness and occasional zigzag twinges.
Grimacing in anticipation of next mammogram.

Foster daughter now dx with severe breast cancer,
Requiring entire menu of treatment modalities
For three-quarters of year: too invasive, too long.

Reminiscences of niece's brain cancer ordeal.
Echoes of secondary trauma shakes core,
Re-threatening dismay, disorientation, disintegration.

Remembering images of dread and terror;
Processing across variety of venues. Love,
Support, appreciation of beauty: Self holds again.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) March 29, 2014

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