Saturday, February 8, 2014


Sense of being left out and ignored,
Protective remainder from early childhood, 
Continues to echo in inner caves
Of unconscious becoming conscious.

Frequent lament during adult decades,
 "I don't get much attention from men!"
Recently-heard inner whispered reply,
"I don't give much attention to men."

Avoidance insulates from possible pain,
But huge cost of daily companionship 
And of raising bio children and grandkids,
Self-fulfilling prophesy of orphan image.

Yet accompanying increase in availability for 
Niece, nephew, goddaughter, friends' kids,
And "Nanna" to foster daughter and her daughter.
Largesse and riches galore from new directions.

Unique fate is unexpected and productive,
Offering previously unimagined opportunities
For wealth of connections; for independent
Decisions about unlimited time, money, and energy.

Compounding circles of love.
Expanded definition of love.
Unbounded and unceasing love.
Wider versions of love.

And openness to continued possibilities.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) February 6, 2014

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