Saturday, February 8, 2014


Instead of stitches or staples,
Recent incision closed with glue,
Which remained for four months;
Now gone, leaving neat, narrow
Line where scalpel entered breast.

Previous incisions left keloid spans,
Wide reminders of several abdominal
Intrusions and removed cyst on arm.
Must be genetic: younger brother has
Similar mark from sitting down on 
Broken glass piggy bank, slipped from
My hands while he played in bathtub.

Also, from after-effects of radiation 
And from new meds, I guess, felt 
Slightly sedated; fiercely fatigued;
Dozily ditzy; one definitive degree 
Removed from alert; tiny pause
Prior to, "Oh, yeah, right, THAT!!"

Last Thursday, awoke to myself;
To real-time processing; to habits,
Reassuring and dependable, formed
By synapses quickly and efficiently
Closing, once again; to sighs of relief.

Two definitive signs of progress and healing,
Markers of moving forward and regrouping.
Winter eventually wanes, and Spring springs.
As much as possible, all is right with the world.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) February 6, 2014

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