Monday, January 13, 2014


Persistent and active search yielded nothing. Yet during
End-of-year/beginning-of-new-year sorting and re-storaging, 
Surprisingly and delightfully came upon two missing partners and
Misplaced pair of meaningful and cherished ear lobe adornments.
Re-found pair and one recovered partner, designed and 
Lovingly hand-crafted by dear and artistically-creative friend.
Other recovered partner linked to 2007 trip on Norwegian cruise
At beginning step of heart-felt connections with Swedish kin.

Why largesse of more than one pair of earrings for two ears?
Pleasing and affordable symbols, memorable associations,
Souvenirs from special people or from specific experiences;
Final finishing flair for each ensemble's pattern and tone;
Exact matching of wardrobe's infinite shades of greens;
Range from daily mundane to sparkling celebratory bling.
Multi-faceted images and emotions activate while choosing 
Daily accessory: enjoyable, pleasing start to each new day.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 13, 2014

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