Friday, January 24, 2014


Dawn saturates striated clouds
With Pacific-Northwest-salmon hue,
Mirrored in eastward-facing skyscrapers' windows.

Above western horizon,
La Luna hangs in ethereal silhouette,
Nearly hidden by almost-opaque overcast.

Suspended droplets of marine air
Blanket city with bone-chilling atmosphere,
Quieting combustion engines' usual cacophony.

Contrasting with muted weather pattern,
Ever-present blue and green jerseys of local football team
Broadcast upcoming crucial competition with orange and black 49ers.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 18, 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Helium balloons given on last day of radiation;
Droopy at initial presentation, but perky two
Months later, lasting evidence of celebration.

This-Smile's-for-You sphere soon deflated;
Remaining four primary-colored star-shaped 
Orbs, jauntily aloft, reminder of ongoing support,

Of positive attitude and optimism, of healing,
Of energy, of resilience, of reality, of longevity.
Good investment, those balloons, Sissa and Toots!

Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 14, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014


Persistent and active search yielded nothing. Yet during
End-of-year/beginning-of-new-year sorting and re-storaging, 
Surprisingly and delightfully came upon two missing partners and
Misplaced pair of meaningful and cherished ear lobe adornments.
Re-found pair and one recovered partner, designed and 
Lovingly hand-crafted by dear and artistically-creative friend.
Other recovered partner linked to 2007 trip on Norwegian cruise
At beginning step of heart-felt connections with Swedish kin.

Why largesse of more than one pair of earrings for two ears?
Pleasing and affordable symbols, memorable associations,
Souvenirs from special people or from specific experiences;
Final finishing flair for each ensemble's pattern and tone;
Exact matching of wardrobe's infinite shades of greens;
Range from daily mundane to sparkling celebratory bling.
Multi-faceted images and emotions activate while choosing 
Daily accessory: enjoyable, pleasing start to each new day.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) January 13, 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014


Lone faceted-plastic beverage cup
On back corner of TV/stereo center
Cum holiday fireplace mantle.
Spontaneously-reproducing Christmas
Tree needles appear in middle of floor
And carpet, mocking clean-up effort.
Continuing to slowly regain order.

Afterglow of reflective mood continues:
Personalized poetry stanzas sent to guests;
Spontaneously-produced images of
Past, present, and future appear in
Mid-mind, augmenting reverie and review.
Continuing to slowly regain new order.

Ann b. Blake 
(c) January 6, 2014

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Only 69, not half-way-between 
Or the start of a new decade,
Merely 69, the end of the 60s;
Gratefully present and active.

At home, comfortable, at ease;
Family and friends ebbed and flowed,
Talked and laughed, philosophized 
And poked good-natured fun.

Best of life personified in synchronistic
Perfect alchemy of people, timing, and 
Combinations: renewing and cultivating,
Already well-known or new to each other.

Some special ones missing for reasons of
Location, commitment to self- or other-care;
Connected through love and energy via
Phone calls, cards, and abiding knowledge.

Two days to prepare, two days to clean up.
Restful order, although partly due to stuffing
Excess in closets or sending forward to recycling.
Still finding Christmas tree needles?!?!

Phenomenal birth anniversary at very end of year,
Perfect date for conscious and intentional life.
Pause to celebrate individual life as well as
Collective life; another year passing and evolving.

At last, at 69, birth anniversary timing seems just right:
End of personal and calendar year offers opportunity 
To pause, reflect, assess, discern, course-correct, 
Embody, build and plan for Bucket List experiences.

Gathering of family and friends in person and in heart,
Just right and redemptive of past years' grumblings.
Full heart, full life, fortunate beyond measure;
Gratefully present, active, and looking forward.

Ann Beth Blake 
January 4, 2014