Monday, December 9, 2013


Many trails and some trials:
Spiritual, emotional, physical.
Growthful contribution to
Meaning and awareness.

People consistently add
Value and companionship,
Nurture and intervention,
Initiating and receiving.

Continue to devote substantial
Energy to work endeavors,
Contributing both joy and fatigue.
Take time for joy, reflection, discernment.

Already mid-December, the final
Countdown, the 12th of twelve.
Birthday at ultimate end marks
Moments for pause and intention.

This life, my life, now in final 
Third phase. More clearly
Contemplative of focus and
Direction: What do I want?

Continue to seek and learn.
Continue to be open to and receptive of
Contacts, encounters, and opportunities.
Many paths taken, many roads to explore.
Ann Beth Blake
(c) December 9, 2013

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