Saturday, December 14, 2013


Three loving dads with feet of clay,
Sometimes stuck deeply in mud;
Absent in wide variety of hurtful ways.

In their wake, ignored wounds in some, 
And chose badly with one other;
Alone appeared better than conflict.

Sometimes naive hope for perfection,
Seeing falsely-redemptive opposite 
By tending to idolize cultural icons:

JFK, RFK, Mandela, Obama, and 
Martin Luther King, like us all, just 
Humans with both virtues and flaws.

Now better at acknowledging and
Embracing all my own virtues and
Flaws--just another human being,

Like all of us, continuing to honestly
Grapple with awareness of walking
Gently in my own skin on this Earth.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) December 14, 2013

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