Monday, December 2, 2013


Foggy morning shifts to sun as
I approach sister's home for 
afternoon turkey 'n fixin's dinner. 

Fog blankets Puget Sound channel
Like rippling snow drifts, reminiscent
Of aunt and uncle's Side Lake cabin.

Friday, snow tires mounted, buy socks;
Yummy organic brunch with Gwen;
Northward bound to Bellingham.

Two restful, fun, productive days 
With Deena and kids and kids.
Cozy, comfortable, connecting.

Sunday, JPA Council in gracious home;
Intense and productive discussions;
Time to curb involvement, step back.

Broader picture gratitude for family and 
Friends; renewed health; soulful career, 
Moving toward shifting down in 3 years.

Four-day weekend, breath of fresh air;
People-filled weekend ending by
Alone time and napping 'til bedtime.

Thanks to everyone; thanks for everything.

Ann Beth Blake
December 2, 2013

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