Monday, December 9, 2013


Battered Del Sol, reminiscent of my beloved red version, 
But with flat-matte steel-grey paint job like late-1950s 
High school guys' 1949 2-door Ford sedan, and with 
Freight-train-loud muffler; cigarette hanging, of course, 
From driver's lower lip, baseball cap brim facing backward.

Already a test of my commitment to perceive from vantage of 
Compassion, followed by burning butt tossed from window. 
Challenge gladly accepted. Stay amused; remain empathic for
Human being in the scenario; wonder about, rather than making
Critical assumptions: What is context for motivation and intention?

And, universally and ultimately and finally, see myself in his mirror.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) December 9, 2013

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