Saturday, December 7, 2013


Still difficult for me when others behave in ways I dislike.
I (sometimes) still automatically and immediately react
With disgust, distrust, dismay, annoyance, anger, and contempt.

Those reactions clearly form protective attitudes of distancing,
Holier-than-thou, nose in the air--tightly closed by clothespin.
By distancing myself, I deny my own culpability and proximity.

By staying close, by acknowledging my sameness and 
My co-humanity, by consciously reclaiming my projections, 
I access self-compassion as well as compassion for others.

Continue to strive toward integrity and compassion, toward 
Loving interactions, facilitated by setting clear boundaries 
And standards, permeable by compassion and forgiveness.

All of above are simply spokes in wheel of life, pieces of whole pie.
Join human race richly comprised of culpable and lovable beings.
Continually reflect upon the fullness of love and hate, joy and pain.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) December 6, 2013

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