Monday, November 11, 2013


Rushing down darkened hall
Toward preparing dinner, 
Slammed shin-first into 
Spout of watering can
(thankfully plastic, not metal).
Left shin, of course.

Skin broken, bump forming;
Hobbled to bed to collapse
Into gasping, eye-bulging,
Astonished agony; tears dripping;
Imagining foreverness of pain.

Strategies soon initiated to
Quell bleeding and swelling--
Slight massage to stimulate 
Healing blood flow; applied
Anti-bacterial lotion, loose
bandage, and ice, ice, ice on
Leg elevated by pillows; aspirin.

Pain subsided, calm returned.
Memories of recent wounds
On left foot and left breast.
When body ably assisted,
Natural healing process takes
Charge and moves forward.

So, too, mind/psyche/emotions:
When made room for, attuned,
Accepted, and cherished, 
Calm regained and maintained.

So, too, relationships: when
Processed and resolved, 
Transition to deeper layers
And broader levels of
Intimacy, offering solace
And comfort and growth.

So, too, the Earth, tho'
Maimed and excavated:
When allowed to lie fallow
Or offered nutritious food,
Recovers vegetation and 
Clean, clear waters, housing
And supporting all beings.

After bruising, when afforded 
Time, patience, and care,
Everything re-generates.
Keep the Faith, Everything 
Will be OK. Lean back and 
Let go. Breathe in, then out,
Then once again and again.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) November 11, 2013

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