Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Rather than completed healing, 
"Recovery" implies a continuous
Process of re-achieving health,
Encompassing time as well as 
Patients' and caregivers' persistent,
Consistent involvement in treatment.

I and many people are challenged by
And/or resistant to regularly patterned, 
Daily interventions of medical care,
Medication, daily/weekly meetings.

Self-discipline, a distinctive 
Component of mature self-care,
Must be reinforced, ironically,
Via constant discernment and 
Re-orientation to healthy and mature
Actions, reactions, and responses.

Healthy habits require self-disciplined
Attention, rather than tactics often 
Associated with "discipline," namely
Punishment or shame or force.
Instead, healthy habits are based on
Support, encouragement, acceptance,
And, especially, on realistic appraisal 
Of universal human imperfection.

All of us are on the same path of 
Ever-more-deepening self-knowledge
And self-acceptance, as well as
Ever-more-deepening knowing 
And acceptance of the reality of the 
Temporal and temporary nature of 
Our and the planet's existence.

I appreciate companions traveling
Similar paths to similar destinations.
Welcome to the practice and to the race,
That is, the imperfect human race.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) November 18, 2013

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