Tuesday, November 5, 2013


My favorite season of all.
Colors complement my
Palette, providing comfort,
Rest, and ease; relief from
Jarringly bright summer hues.

Fall offers final joyful burst of
Energy, prelude for quiescence.
Flora and fauna change colors,
Turn inward, return home to
Recharge energetic batteries.

Autumn leaves falling, foliage
Bending backward to nourish
Earth from which they sprang.
Humans mirror by slowed pace,
Staying in to read, nap, dream.

After weeks of dampening fog,
Red leaves, shimmering, floating,
Glow in returned sunshine,
Although daylight wanes and
Shortens thru most of December.

Dark as I leave home, and dark
As I leave work toward home again.
Longer days than in Sweden, home
Away from home as oft as possible.
Snow soon blankets Scandinavia.

Seasons chronicling time, loftier
Chronometer than minutes or days,
Dividing year by fourths across
Variations of latitude; opposite
Hemispheres, opposite seasons.

Ann Beth Blake
© November 2, 2013

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