Thursday, November 14, 2013


Super smart Grandma, student in
First class of Hibbing Junior College, 
Went away to complete degree,
Majoring, surprisingly, in Phys Ed,
Perhaps to teach in public schools, 
Level unknown. Upon dad's death, 
Dropped out to run and close family 
Store. Never completed college, but
Ran tight ship for family and finances.

Mom attended Macalester, one of 
Premier Minnesota colleges;
Dropped out early due to illness.
Worked as librarian in DC during
WWII; married Marine; had me.
After divorce, moved to western MN,
Echoing Gram by assisting aunt to 
Run family store and care for kids.
Met and married second husband;
Three more children; worked as 
Waitress and bar maid for 20 years.
As widow, returned to finish BA and MA
In Special Education, teaching people 
To read until and after retirement.

Each time exploring family traditions and 
Roles, new and head-tilting information 
Pops up to astonish me and to expand
My horizons and understanding of self.
Although all three successful, does my
Consistent grappling to complete echo
Gram and Mom's dropping out of college?
2nd question: Can I focus on whole picture,
Including their incredible completions?

Ann Beth Blake
(c) November 14, 2013

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