Monday, October 7, 2013


Must have heard swing music
In utero, and, even swung while
My mom danced during pregnancy.

Played short classical pieces in
Elementary school piano lessons,
Not practicing nearly enough.

Teen love of 40s Swing and 50s Pop,
Cole Porter, Glen Miller, Johnny Mathis, 
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue.

Found Chicago's WLS overnight Jazz
And Poetry program, companioning 
Homework in wee hours of night.

Reluctant rock-and-roll follower;
Seldom knew words or singers.
Spent weekends happily dancing.

Classical re-entered in grad school,
When needed comfort and calm
From frazzled, stressful studying.

Jazz is too cool, opera is splendid.
Classical feeds my soul, expands 
My being, allows deep relaxation.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) October 3, 2013

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