Tuesday, October 1, 2013


One of Summer '13's several inner re-calibrations, 
Now sleep regular hours, at least those hours most
People consider normal, regular, and generative.

Always a night owl, never started projects until 9 pm,
Preferred delicious introspection 'round midnight.
Depended on 2 am energy re-bursts of productivity.

Similar to people with Bipolar symptoms who miss highs
When medications take away both ends of extreme
Continuum, I've lost middle-of-night's quiet reverie.

Perhaps old nocturnal patterning was artifact
Of teenage experimenting, never outgrown until 
Intense intervention of hard exercise on pilgrimages.

Inner and outer pilgrims' paths ultimately converged
In Spain, Sweden, Denmark, England, and Wales
Amid family, friends, colleagues, and Earth's beauty.

Embrace new patterns and ways of being in the
World. Grieve and move toward wholeness. Seek 
And find. Incorporate expanded daylight's delights.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 29, 2013

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