Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Funny/peculiar, our surprise and endless
Conversations about weather being so
Unpredictable and so different from yesterday
Or yesteryear, although, actually, weather 
Changes every moment and is never the 
Same even in climates without much daily or
Seasonal variance from moment to moment.

Global warming or cooling presents indisputable
Challenges and possibilities for requisite 
Alterations in usual and accustomed habits.
Part of us revels in unchanging and dependable 
Pathways, both in our brain and on our highways.
Yet flatline strictures and restrictions portend
Constriction, rigidity, inflexibility, and death.

But totally understandable, our continual
Talk about weather, our constant and
Surrounding envelope that has such 
Enormous impact on us as we wander and 
Meander across the planet, carrying out
Daily and necessary tasks and endeavors.

Durning uncatastrophic storms, we go about 
Our business anyway, struggling and persisting
Against interferences, unusual amounts of 
rain, wind, snow, heat, or cold, to take our
Thought-free tracks to schools and jobs, to run
Errands for groceries, banking, and fueling.

Our puzzlement and, sometimes, dismay
About encircling elements might also
Reflect similar responses to our inability
To control or predict our inner atmosphere.
Control of weather is as likely to succeed as
Attempt to control our thoughts and emotions.

Rather than control, can we embrace and value
Inner and outer weather patterns, welcoming
Opportunities for extraordinary pathways?
During catastrophic atmospheric conditions,
can we weather storms by accepting an
Opportunity to stay safely snuggled at home? 
During internal cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, 
Tsunamis, can we pause to welcome time and 
space to reflect, consider, appreciate, wonder?

Climate offers experiential and concrete mirroring
Of inner landscapes and designs and sequences.
Gazing into a mirror affords the possibility of
Truthful feedback, reflective practice, expanded 
Perceptive insight--seeing within, beyond surfaces.

Cost-free mirrors abound, surround, encircle.
Go ahead, take the risk. Look and really see. 
Deeply observe. Invite in all beauty and flaws
As equally valuable. Gather total data points.
Go ahead, accept the gift. Look and really see.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) October 1, 2013

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