Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Seven of sixteen, soon halfway
Through radiation treatments.

First thing on weekday morns,
In and out in 15-20 minutes.

Accompanied by variety of pals,
Comforting, dependable, light.

Still, teeth-gritting reality skitters
The edges, re-asserting each day.

No pain, only physical discomfort,
Adds to disorientation--is this true?

Not the "Why me," at all, but the
"Can this really be true?" tilting.

Guts roiling and eyes darting;
Images forming and dissipating.

Mind struggles and grapples 
To place reality in proper locale.

Totally true and not disastrous;
A "thing," yet not a huge ordeal.

Day by day until 16 days go by.
Then 5 years of tests and meds.

Day by day, moment by moment,
As always, as usual, as true.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) October 29, 2013

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