Monday, October 21, 2013



Born Ann Beth Foutz, self-named
BaBa in toddler baby-talk babbling.

Soon adopted, Ann Beth Drinkwitz;
New dad fondly called me AB.

Played with initials, inserted Carol,
To sequential alphabet: ABCD.

And to mimic physician uncle,
Inserted Marie to form ABMD.

Family members always, not just in 
Reprimand, called me Ann Beth.

Friends assigned nicknames, Grace (for 
Kluziness) and Cheyanne (shy Ann).

Nephew initiated, followed by niece 
And their friends, unitary, Auntie.

When marriage approached, decided 
To choose own surname to honor

Maternal grandfather's importance
In ongoing development: Blake,

Resulting in monosyllabic Ann Beth Blake.
Name change in time for terminal degree.

Exploring maternal Karlsson family ties,
Possible nom de plum, Britta Anna Karlsson.

During recent team-building exercise, 
One more definitive iteration: BaBa Blake. 

Ann Beth Blake
(C) October 15, 2013

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