Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Support comes in many forms,
Few so crucial as sports bras for
Day after and for weeks during
Lumpectomy incision healing.

Next day, upon awakening and
Standing up after sound sleep, 
Gasped at pain from swollen 
Breast's unexpected weight.

First impulse was using hands to
Cup and carry as headed toward
First morning tasks in bathroom.
Then, with empty bladder, decisions.

Problem-solving and brain-storm
Soon led to lingerie drawer to
Search for and find most supportive
Garment: sports bra--instant relief.

Other consequences of wearing 24/7
Tolerable in face of required assistance. 
Two weeks later, experimenting with
Lessening trussing with mixed results.

Of course, appreciate all support from
Multiple people and places. Sustenance 
Comes from variety of beneficial sources,
Some private and personal--now public.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) October 1, 2013

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