Thursday, September 19, 2013


At first, wait extended by
More stains to make certain.
Another opportunity to practice
Being in the moment, letting go,
Knowing OK = anything that occurs.

Only one day later, surgeon 
Sought information, followed by
Detailed phone message of best news,
Not only OK, but completely, totally fabulous:
Clean margins, clear nodes, follow-up appointment.

Hurray, hurray! Gratitude for expertise:
Clear-cut excising of troublesome extra cells;
And for personable, communicative bed-side manner:
Eye contact, ease, honesty, caring message delivery.
Welcome, dear surgeon, to ABB's wondrous Dream Team.

In addition to best news, experience offers gifts:
Confirmation of value of staying positively expectant;
Practice being gratefully present in each marvelous moment;
Acceptance of sustaining support from family, friends, and experts;
Openly participating in unfolding reality and in caring, loving relationships.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 19, 2013

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