Monday, September 16, 2013


Years ago, planned to purchase
Multi-stoned necklace, each gem for
Siblings/cousins by birth and by recognition,
Valuable and varied best friends.
Now, metaphorical rather than actual.

A second translucent, gleaming necklace
Also rests around neck, representing
Those who have passed, yet whose strong
Presence sustains through life's walk.

Great and great-great grandparents,
In Sweden and in Germany, as well as
In Hibbing's graveyards; ever more present 
As genealogy information cascades. 

Six grandparents: 3 unmet; one visited 
Every sunny summer; two seen often,
Even living with them at birth and in teens.
All now gone to deserved, well-earned rest.

Parents, all five: one died too soon, others passed
Early in second millenium. Mother ever-present 
For me for 58 years; step-mom supportive/sweet.
Three dads: first left early and reappeared in my 40s;
Second, actively present during all childhood, died 
Too young at 47; third, Pop, sweet/gentle for 20 years.

Aunts and uncles, all resting in peace,
Mom's/dads' sibs expanded connections.
Sister Terry Jeanne, still at birth.
Cousin John Carlson, lost at 18.

Other family and friends, including Jean DuBose,
Who appeared during recent Sunday church service 
To wish me well and to stay a few moments to chat.

Tears glisten like jewels in both necklaces.
Clear gratitude for abiding, sparking presence.
Godspeed. Traveling Mercies. Happy Trails.
God bless you. God have mercy on us all.
Thank you for your love. I love you.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 16, 2013

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  1. Mary Antipa passed away Sunday, September 22. Truly a great loss for those of us who were her friends. Kathy Peterson