Monday, September 30, 2013


Finally happened--left middle toenail 
Fell off in sleep sock during night, just
As hoped would happen--out of sight.

Bandaid worn for a week to defray process.
But eventuality less creepy than imagined.
Two more might follow in its wake--or sleep.

Toenail injury seems connected to Wales'
Second day, walking up and back down
Ubiquitous, gorgeous steeply-sloped valleys.

Possibility of initiating injury during eight days
On Spain's El Camino de Santiago, distracting 
Left heel pain, compensated by gingerly walking.

Left heel now mysteriously and miraculously
Cured--walking without pain, without envy,
Without wistfulness about others' ease.

Left breast, not yet out of the woods, but OK.
Still sore and awareness of vulneabiity,
undoubtedly requiring additional treatment.

Left side, vulnerable and receptive to ills and
Injuries and mishaps, continual reminder of
Openness and of receiving all coming my way.

Ann Beth Blake 
(c) September 30, 2013

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