Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tapped out in London

Well, my gift cards lasted until yesterday. Now I am tapped out. Here I sit in Heathrow waiting for our flight. Joanne just generously bought me lunch. Whew!! Down to the wire. 
The play last night was lots of fun. Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap was originally written for the Queen Mother's 80th birthday. The play has run uninterrupted for 61 years. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip (known to some of you as Phlip) attended the 60th anniversary production. The play has been at St. Martin's Theater since 1974 and began at the Ambassadors Theater next door. The St. Martin's theater was commissioned in 1913, but delayed completion until 1916 due to WWI. The theater is funky, smallish with 2 balconies. During intermission, an old "safety curtain" was dropped; we knew its function because those words were painted onto the curtain. Snacks were sold at concessions, which we could continue eating at the beginning of the second act. We had a tiny double chocolate ice cream that came with a small blue shovel/spoon in its lid. We had a fantastic day in London. 
Today we left for the airport at noon--relaxed comfortable. On my way home! 
Thanks for following me around for these nine weeks that, at this point, have flown by. I have practiced being retired, and I have succeeded. When my half-time position at Antioch is done in 3 years, I will be prepared, ready, and able to lay down my chalk. 
See you soon!

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