Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Sitting at stop signs and red lights or 
In rush-hour traffic can seem endless,
Except for several essential tasks 
That make time productively flow.

Assorted pragmatic rituals bond with being
Behind the wheel but moving not at all:
Essential Kegel exercises for pregnant 
Women and for women of a certain age;

Stretching neck muscles in 360-degree 
Rotations yields swifter blood flow and 
More flexibility for checking blind spot
--Less tension is additional by-product.

Extending leg muscles by pretending to 
Pump old-fashioned Singer sewing machine
Prevents swollen ankles and calves, à la
Effect from extensive pan-oceanic air travel.

But best use of car stoppage time is writing:
Items for grocery shopping; lists of errands 
and tasks; journal entries; rants and raves.
Even better, writing poetry to pass time.

Poetry beckons and encourages nuanced
Observation of self and world; tilted head
Enhances understanding via oblique or muted 
Shades; shifted perception clarifies knots.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 21, 2013

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