Saturday, September 28, 2013


Having lived most of adult life alone and solitary,
Spent all of Summer, 2013, living together
With pilgrims on Camino in northern Spain,
With Swedish kin in several homes and towns,
With colleague pal at Congress in Copenhagen,
With colleague pal in London and Wales, and,
Finally, with Swedish cousin in Seattle home.

Although, overall, singleness often yielded
Loneliness, envy, and, even, bitterness,
Introversion necessitated alone time to refuel 
And to recover inner equilibrium after social
Engagements and, even, after one-to-one talk.

After full dose of co-habitating for 3 months,
Increased awareness of benefits and costs:
Increased emotional nourishment concomitant
With emotional overwhelm and exhaustion.
Comforting possibility of contact, conversation,
Companionship, community, and collaboration.
Unexpected glitches and unavoidable mishaps
Require keeping current about presumptions 
And about nuances of crossed communications.
Admonition to delay sleep until all is clearly resolved.

Now alone for one night, reflection, based on actual
Experiential knowledge, highlights both perspectives,
Abundant clarity based less and less on assumptions.
Confident and peaceful in singleness of dwelling;
Receptive as well as present in social encounters;
Grass is not greener; current grass is nourishing.

Hats off to you who continually and successfully
Live well with others! Other hats off to you who
Continually and successfully live well with self. And,
Of course, hats off to you who continually and
Successfully balance living well with Self and Other.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 27, 2013

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