Monday, September 30, 2013


During recovery from recent lumpectomy,
Prohibited from lifting with left side of body.
Benefit of increased awareness of multiple 
Daily contribution by non-dominant left hand.

Until last two cars, had used standard shift.
Because right hand kept busy with shifting,
Left-over habit to employ left hand for steering.

Dominant hand, more adept at fine-motor tasks,
Unlocks entrance doors to car, residence, office;
While right hand is busy, left holds briefcase,
Purse, groceries, shopping bags, and coats.

As I protect left side from overuse, become
More aware and appreciative of left hand's value
And contribution to necessary daily-life tasks.

Additional level of lessons from Summer, 2013:
Look closely, near at hand; celebrate new 
Awareness; consider the lilies, smell the roses.

Ann Beth Blake 
(c) September 30, 2013

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