Monday, September 16, 2013


Only two bridges cross Lake Washington, connecting
Washington State's two largest cities, Seattle and Bellevue.
520 bridge, closed for construction, places extra pressure on I-90, 
Which should have been crammed and clogged with traffic on

Recent Sunday morning, invisible angels clearly on high alert.
After Row-for-the-Cure regatta dedicated to her godmother,
Goddaughter, dressed in neon pink paraphernalia, began
Usually-hectic drive homeward across commuter I-90 bridge. 

Unbelievably, only car on the road as I-5 merged with I-90, 
B slowed to required 40 mph around converging curves.
But steering mechanisms failed, careening car and driver across
All empty lanes, then return-ricochet bumped Jersey barriers.

Turned off car and eased out of wreckage; noticed pinked and 
Tutu-ed woman, brightly visible angel, stopping traffic and running 
Across highway. Had also attended regatta; had watched son row.
Checked, stayed, and watched until arrival of police and tow truck.

Angels ever-present, indeed, both invisible and visible to humans.
Grateful for vigilant invisible angels, some previously known to us.
Welcome to visible angels who make conscious decision to help.
When experience offers opportunity to be angelic, put on wings!

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 15, 2013

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