Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Previous to Pembroke Coastal Path's many precipices:
Abject fear of heights at approaching edges and ledges;
Sweating palms and feet, shallow breathing, brakes;
Avoidance, refusal, phobic; abbreviated activities and life.

Shifted response to walk the Path not due to flooding behavioral
Technique, but, rather, due to fascination, motivation, intention,
Commitment, stubbornness, intrigue, will, decision, so much beauty.
After hiking Coastal Path, considered London's Eye. Surprising
Response: calm, unflapped, present, unperturbed, enjoying the view.

Fifty years after assasination, JFK emerged in London's 
ShortList, pp. 32-35, issue 289, 29 August 2013. Re JFK's
Fatalism: " 'If they're going to kill me, they'll kill me' " (p. 32). 
He pursued Bay of Pigs, partenthood, and many women.
Dr. Martin Luther King dreamt of demise, yet marched.
Bobby Kennedy launched fully into uncertain/certain frontiers.
Joan of Arc listened and fought. Maya Angelou wrote and wrote.
Eleanor Roosevelt spoke. Joan Baez sang. Diana Nyad swam.
Rosa Parks sat down and stayed. Frida Kahlo wept and painted.
Jackie Robinson faced hatred on second base. Hillary ran for office.
Abraham Lincoln freed and addressed. Gaga was born this way.
Aung San Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela protested and served time.
Malaga Yousafzai survived Taliban bullets and spent her 16th
Birthday advocating at the UN for free education for all children.

Julia survived brain cancer and certifies as radiography tech.
Kira focuses, advocates, and sings. Ryan fixes computers and plays hard.
Quinn befriends and nurtures. Mason kicks that ball and wears 
Mismatched socks. Dylan pursues and pursues within uphill task.
Bronyn advocates for marginalized folks. Mira learns hard languages.
Elin explores self and world, has active and truthful conversations.
Lisa is Little Chief. Per studies history. Stina takes fab photographs.
Amanda works with little ones. Nelly seeks justice and service.
My helps immigrants. Joel braves seas. Klara supports people on edges. 
Lina mothers. Jenny reclaims disasters. Zebastian builds structures. 
Serena seeks truth, discerns inner path, bravely faces challenges.

Taken 68.5 years to learn lessons from wise people in my life:
It'll be OK. Trust. Love. Listen within. Be kind. Ask questions. 
Focus on each moment. Stay engaged. Maintain curiosity. 
Expect best, prepare for worst. It is what it is. Calm in chaos. 
Initiate interactions. Receive and appreciate kindnesses.
Attend to all daily tasks: both conscious and unconscious,
Both controllable and autonomic, both desirable and repugnant.
Accept the truth in self, others, relationships, and the world.
Lessons must be relearned in each nanosecond, over and over,
Just like rythms in biological processes: ins/outs, ups/downs:
Breathing, metabolism, blood pressure, sensory perceptions.

Am I cured and healed? No, but I am doing better than ever.
In the face of possible annihilation, always possible in every
Nanosecond, Carpe Diem, for certain, seize the moment/day.
Live to the fullest to the largest degree possible. Then start anew.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 3, 2013

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