Saturday, September 28, 2013


All Swedish connections are a precious gift,
Like warm, loving, open relationship with Elin.

Oh, gosh, as Stina says, my time with Elin in Seattle
Was absolutely fabulous, and now she's gone to Iowa.

So you see, as Per states, she was here for three weeks,
And the time has come to continue on her own journey.

Lisa's sparkling smile reflects my pleasure and delight
With mutual synchronicity of conversation and caring.

After three weeks of meeting brother Dan and of
Cementing previous links with Jules, Mar, and DJ,

Now Elin's in heart-held embrace of Heartland branch 
Of Britta's line; visiting enhances loving family bonds.

Soon to meet Lisa, and, perhaps, Ryan in NOLA,
On the brink of Caribbean basking and splashing.

Next generation forming new layers of intersections,
Forging strong platforms for launching into world.

Outer connections and external travel mirror inner
Resources built upon strong familial webbing.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) September 28, 2013

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