Monday, September 16, 2013

Another Summer Camino Experience Update

Miracles simply continue. Lumpectomy performed on 9-12-13. Left for hospital at 6:30 am, chauffeured by Mary and Julia. Sister Mary, niece Julia, and brother Dan accompanied me through every step; cousin Elin prepared for my return home and waited through the day. Friends called, held the space, and sent flowers. 
Full morning of poking and prodding: inserting wire to guide surgeon; inserting isotope to test lymph gland involvement (you don't want to know how they did that!!); images taken of lymph glands. Waiting and waiting; orienting by various professionals, each cautiously asking my name, birthdate, procedure, and location. When the doctor appeared just prior to the surgery, he checked me once more, ending by writing on my left breast. "Your autograph?" When I glanced down, he had written, "yes." 
I was rolled away at about 1:00 pm. My family members had patiently waited with the patient till they could finally leave for lunch. I remember shifting to the OR table, adjusting my head on a rubber pillow, probably asking a simple question--and the nothing until I groggily awoke in the recovery room, trying to greet a nurse walking by. At some soon point, they wheeled me into another recovery room to rejoin the family. Ingested a muffin and cranberry juice, just because I hadn't eaten since midnight--not a good idea--I will leave the rest to your own imagination. Took two pills, which added to the above-mentioned issue. Some extra bleeding from the removal of the IV, followed by a flurry of intervention. Groggy, tired, slight discomfort. Left hospital about 6 pm. Tough transition from hospital to home, but once in my own bed, I felt much better. Family fluffed pillows, bought Saltines and ginger ale, and made sure that I was tucked in. Elin and I briefly watched TV, soon both falling soundly asleep.
Slept every well, awaking at almost 9 am. Instead of feeling/being doped-up, dizzy, and drooling, I was alert and wide awake. Elin made me yummy oatmeal for breakfast--simply delish! Although sore, I felt surprisingly fine! Green urine from the isotopes--my favorite color! I was slow and tired, but got up and dressed, made phone calls, talked with Elin and Dan all afternoon; Julia and Anitra visited too. We intended to walk, advised by discharge recommendations, and finally got outside in late afternoon. I kept up with the pace, did several errands, and felt just fine. Mary came after work, and she and Elin and I talked and talked until after supper and beyond. At 10 pm, I am finally thinking about sleep.
I am totally surprised and mightily grateful for this speedy recovery. Results on Tuesday. Follow-up with surgeon the following week. Just fine so far! Yay Team!

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